Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's been too long, baby!

So the last time WW posted, I was an unemployed college dropout with a five-year music project behind me. Sometime around August I tried pulling together money to finish my last year at school and ended up getting over more money than I expected in financial aid.

Since September I have been back in class and got my old job back at the Poly Post. It's week-nine and my classes are just about wrapping up. Looking back I realize that I've been learning about the universe, covering Diamond Bar city meetings, tweeting, blogging and filming and editing video.

It took a while to sweat off the fat and laziness of last year, but I'm back and reinvigorated with new projects. The six-cd Wonder Wheel boxset is being prepped for release in early December. Wonder Wheel albums 20 to 25 will be featured in the set, along with additional tracks.

Wonder Wheel Presents Vol. 2 will also be released for free download. The compilation will feature new bands that I've produced and update the first volume.

There are also two new albums in the works. Wonder Wheel 26 is in the instrumental phase, while the new commercial release "Wonder Wheel II" is beginning preproduction. Don't get confused with the titles, 26 continues the WW series with new songs, while the commercial release is going to be a collection of old and new songs, but rerecorded in the studio.

Also, the Wonder Wheel three-piece disbanded in September, but we have a new drummer and new setup. We played an impromptu show at the Proof Bar in Santa Ana. Think electronic and psychedelic futurism.

Above is a video edited together from the Lucky Dragons set, which is part of a slightly larger piece for Acrobatics Everyday's Open Melody festival. Keep an eye out for WW video production in 2012.

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