Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WW Productions and Presentations Part II


The kids from Orange County do it again!

1. Dash Jacket - Hannah
2. Dash Jacket - Glass Half Full
3. Wonder Wheel - Eyes
4. Wonder Wheel - Confusion as Nothing
5. Audacity - Take You for a Ride (Live)
6. Audacity - What I Need (Live)
7. Tan Dollar - Let You Go
8. Tan Dollar - How Can it be True?
9. MHV - Complainers
10. MHV - Highwaters
11. Meow Twins - Blue Eyes
12. Meow Twins - Atlantic Ocean
13. Nora and the Brights - Twist it
14. Nora and the Brights - Waiter
15. Cosmonauts - Psychic Denim
16. Cosmonauts - He Never Hit Me
17. Dreamless - Talk Too Much
18. Dreamless - Dirge

WW production for new Gravis shoe

"Psychic Denim"
Psychic Denim
Burger Records, 2011

The good ol' boys from Cosmonauts showed up to my house in February earlier this year. They recorded "Psychic Denim" along with a set of new songs in the span of about two hours. The sound of Orange is now queued up to the visuals of Tokyo-gone-skateboarding.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh, and this happened

The new Paul A. Rosales single "Eyes" had a new video produced by Canadian pal Francis and his ever fantastic Moduli TV.

Francis also created the videos for "Bomb", "Pradada's Purple" and "After Dark".