Saturday, July 17, 2010


Plenty of nice words, and some not so nice, have been coming through the wire. Its all good, press!

"Atonality is our leather dashboard which we caress whilst cruising illicit street to do deals with shadowy figures..." — 20jazzfunkgreats

"I'd like to hang out by the pool with Paul A. Rosales sipping absinthe mojitos and chatting about cattle decapitation." — Viva Radio

"Mystery when it comes to lo-fi pop." — Spoonfed

"Hands down the worst paid musician we have ever seen..." — Clash Music

"[Crimes] is rich in inexpensive lo-fi and very loose in terms of composition." — Letters from a Tapehead

"Paul A Rosales makes cool lo-fi pop..." — No Conclusion

"LA's Paul A. Rosales readies LP of straight-to-tape, lo-fi AM pop." — Altsounds

"AM Dream pop for fans of The Field Mice, Daniel Johnston, Jeremy Jay and Beat Happening." — Filthy Beats & Treats

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