Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PAR33: Wonder Wheel 20: GOLDFISH

April - July 2009

Dirty Thing
All She Made

Los Angeles
Black Hair & Smiles/Waterfall

running time: 44 minutes


  1. ww20
    review/first thoughts, listened to with headfonez

    great opener love the vocal turn into noise part
    dirtee thing
    distort kee bords good too

    all she made
    groovy baselne/ drum thingy goin on here
    vocals are great too

    i like the transition into rascal, rascal is so over the top with the digital distortion peaking occuring
    great change
    the beat then vocals
    likeN the defragmentary aspects going on and then back to verse!
    then more defragmentation BWAH!
    cool little under noise going on
    o o progression noise esque build up
    early cut off

    beautiful synth string thing panning intro fr next track
    like the left channel bass drone then drop, beautiful
    love the littel scrapey electronic noise
    elector spray paint G-RAFFITTI
    this would b great side a closer, paul when u puttin this out on cassette/LP?
    nice to hear a ww instruemntal too, not that i dont think they dont exist (so many negatives in that sentence, iv been doing this alot lately and confusing myself and i think everyone else too), paul is very versatile

    prescriptions, o i kno about those, ja ja
    wow epic crazy buzz drum space thing going on here, wtf
    love the chorus
    drum tone is amazing, so muffled; such a great contrast to other sounds
    i love that vocal ending thing that paul does
    almost seems like a wierd tempo change going on here, i really enjoy that, maybe its psychological
    this temp stuff is amazing
    vocal vibrato!!! WHOA
    one thing i love about WW, is eventho i think his songs are getting more deconstructed, they are still very danceable...
    beautiful melodic bridge typ part
    love the ending
    awesome transition into bedtime
    groove track
    smooth transition into LA, how the fuck u do dat?
    kinda dark vibe
    im into it
    whoa crazy synth like thing going on after the noisy part
    paul chanelling his inner kraftwerk
    i like the way lots of these songs ends are chopped too.

    black hair and smiles/ waterfall; the closer
    i like that repetivie part b4 it all comes in and they he do it again!
    o snap its part of the verse
    great transitioninto the chorus
    this song does remind me of a jungle with waterfalls
    not a hot humid jungle tho
    but definetly not a forest
    its intensifying
    im hearing/feeling the waterfall reference
    u kno that TLC song, dont go chasin waterfalls, id like to hear an ENYA cover of that
    beautiful ending.


    ps sorree if theres any type os

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